How do you build the positive you?

The truth is, there aren’t strict, specific rules to it. But, the process is systematic. Step-by-step. Before you launch and commit yourself into something this personal and challenging, let’s start by doing something simple. Something basic. Something that will prep you up in the long and demanding yet fulfilling process of building the better versions of yourselves!

Below, we’ve rounded up 12 little chants that will help summon the spirit of positivity! Let this be your everyday guide, everyday chant! Read carefully and try to reflect on each chant. Each one is actually connected to the next!

Spread the positivity starting from yourself to your loved ones, and to other members of your community! Happy reading, happy chanting!

1.Better year, better you
This 2018, aim to build the better version of yourself—your positive sefl!

2. Love. Love. Love.
Let love do its magic! Everything must first begin with love—for oneself, for family, for friends and for the community.

3. Say thank you.
Be grateful and say it! Count friends not enemies; blessings not shortcomings.

4. Eat, pray and laugh.
Eat healthy. Pray earnestly. Laugh heartily.

5. Dream it, work it
Shortcut ways to glory don’t exist. Work tirelessly. Climb persistently.

6. Confidence is key.
Free yourself of self-doubt and stride with your head up high!

7. Kindle Kindness.
Speak humbly. Smile randomly. Share wholeheartedly.

8. Be somebody’s hero.
Whether a piece of bread or yourself, extending a hand can impact others in wonderful ways!

9. Let good vibes go viral.
Say no to rave statements and yes to positive comments!

10. Foster community care.
Because it won’t hurt to pick up the trash, water the pots and recycle some stuff.

11. Pay it forward.
Let others be caught in your spiral of good deeds!

12. Spread positivity!
Together, let’s build a positive community. Go forth and start spreading the power of positivity to everybody!

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