Do you know why chess players jog as part of their training? Or why volleyball players practice warrior yoga poses?
Here is why.
In order for them to be an effective athlete, mind and body should act as one. Chess players jog for a better blood circulation which will rouse and enhance their sharp minds while in volleyball, they do yoga to practice discipline, balance, flexibility, muscle strength and meditation.
Meditation has been shown to help in other areas that could relate to the performance of an athletic. The reasons why athletes should consider the practice such as warrior yoga poses is because it helps an athlete to increase states of focus, help to reset our mind to focus on the present, to deal effectively with pain, to calm the fear center of the brain, to boost our immune system, to free yourself from the negative thoughts that keep you from reaching your goals, to improve your flexibility and to reduces stress. Meditation could be that advantage that helps you win the game-winning point or helps you to do more than expected when you think you can’t.
Now let’s focus on volleyball.
Volleyball is divided into two wherein it is composed of 10% skills which includes your trainings and physical strength. Below are the basic volleyball skills:
1. Serving
2. Passing
3. Setting
4. Spike
5. Block
6. Dig
These skills require body coordination so that it can be performed properly. Most of these skills are mastered by constant drills and exercises so that your mind can easily identify when to use them in an actual match. However, if the mind is pre-occupied with something else, like your natural inclination to become nervous because you desire to win than to perform well, most likely you would do poorly in the match. And this is the reason why mind should be regularly trained as well as the body, because whatever the mind conceives, the body follows.

The other 90% talks about your mind and attitude. Being bulky doesn’t mean you are unstoppable and being gigantic doesn’t mean you are unreachable.
In volleyball everything is possible as long as you don’t have beany brain.
Every rally, only 1 point is given so no matter how strong your kill is, it is only one point. Volleyball does not only talk of hitting the ball hard but by incorporating your body and mind to make one killer move.
In a deeper sense, volleyball in life is receiving an opportunity, setting a high standard and hitting the ball the best way you can.

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