December 31, 2017, New Year’s Eve. Someone gave my 2-year old son a party horn to play with. It was his first horn, so he did not really know how to play with it. As someone older, you show the kid how to do it. So, there I was blowing the horn for him to see. The way his face lit up, as he heard the sound, was remarkable. You can see how excited he was to try and do it on his own.

After several attempts, there was still no sound from the horn. He tried puffing. He was getting impatient. He was frustrated. Until, he heard a tiny sound. He jumped and screamed with that little success! You can see how genuinely happy he was. No one can describe it! Someone should have taken a video.

That tiny sound led to the fulfillment of the party horn’s purpose. My son welcomed the New Year with loud and long toots of his new toy!

We welcome the New Year with our reflection of past events. We think about our failures and our successes. As we ponder on the reasons of how and why it happened, we realize that it’s not all about the end result. What mattered more was the journey. It was the roller coaster ride to get to that success and the “getting up” after each failure that made us a better and stronger person.

While watching my son jump and scream upon hearing that horn’s tiny sound, I knew he was already successful. His frustrations were all gone. Despite the roadblocks, he had one goal and he was able to make the necessary adjustments to attain his goal.  As grown-ups, this is what we do. We do not give up when times get hard nor do we give in to trials that come our way. Failure shouldn’t discourage us from doing what we need to do. We believe our failures keep us going because we know how fulfilling it is to achieve that ‘rainbow after the storm’

However, what enlightened me more was seeing my son go further. Yes, he already achieved his goal and he was happy with that tiny sound. But he made more adjustments. That’s how it goes. Sometimes after achieving our goal, we don’t stop there. We always push ourselves to attain more because that brings more fulfillment.

It reminded me of what John Maxwell wrote, “Momentum is not the result of one push. It is the result of many continual pushes over time.” and what Steve Jobs said, “Erase the board of your achievements and allow yourself to be a beginner again”. My 2-year old son rode along the momentum of his success and at the same time, became a beginner (again) to try to make those loud and long toots with his toy. How much more, us grown-ups?

Think about it. How can you maximize your momentum this 2018? What is something new to learn or achieve?

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