It’s really different when you’re in college compared in high school. I was able to do whatever I want back in high school. I basically had freedom. Although, they say that you get to be freer in college, and somehow it’s your prize.

But I’m just wondering now that I’m in college, why are there no more “KILIG MOMENTS”? We are too busy focusing on our academics, that we have no time for our love life. Is our love life the basis of what point in our life we are in? I don’t know.

HS to College

HIGH SCHOOL. Kilig here, kilig there. So many crushes, so many friends! Yes, this is high school. Most people say that high school is the best part of your life. Yes, that’s true. You know why? Because in high school, we start to know who we are. It is when we first felt things we haven’t felt before. That’s why it is also the most fragile stage in our lives. This is when we had our first love, and also our first heartbreak. But this is when we had our most kilig moments! Remember that day when your crush made your heart skip a beat and you were still practicing on how to say “hi” to that person. High school was so fun, and most people wants to go back to this part of their lives.

High School

COLLEGE. Study here, study there. You’ll meet so many people who you won’t even consider as “friends”. This is college. We often hear that in college, you are free to do anything! There is freedom but you should be independent. This is only partially true. You know why? Because now that I’m a college student, I came to realize that I don’t have much freedom yet. Maybe during my first term, I felt a taste of freedom since I’m still adjusting and I’m not very much busy. But now, I can’t feel the freedom anymore. I also realized the effect of choosing freedom over academics. When you’re in college, all you do is study, study and study especially if you really want to finish as soon as you can. I also realized that there is no time for love life, but I still have crushes and I end up not giving much attention to these people. When I was in high school, you see them all the time, but that’s impossible now! You also don’t know these people as much, mostly their names and faces, but you can’t go beyond that point because you’re not with them every hour of the day, different schedules and subjects, chaotic.


Now I understand why most people, including myself, really prefer high school than college. Even if there are sad moments, the happy memories still prevail. In college, all you do is study, since this is the foundation of our future careers.



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