There comes a point in our lives where we wish we could go back in time to undo things we did, hold back the words we said, and give what was supposedly due to have a better outcome. We despairingly desire for something that is surely unrealistic – a time machine to bring us back to the past. While we ruminate on our respective notions of an ideal time machine, regrets creep in. We hate the fact that we haven’t done enough yet to have that breakthrough of moving on. Then, we get depressed because we feel that we are still stuck in the past.

We can never bring back the time in our lives: childhood or high school days, the major argument you had with a family member, the words you uttered on someone’s deathbed, the breakup/s, the lies you made to yourself, nor the (career) choices you made or were imposed on you. We overdo ourselves with the thought of changing the past. We have long overdue do-overs – things that are too late to do-over.

Overdue do-overs are called as such, because we cannot do something about it anymore. We cannot do it over. We cannot change it. No time machine as of the moment. So, why focus or fret about it?

There are just multiple aspects in our lives that we cannot change, therefore, are uncontrollable. Time is definitely one of them. Things that happened in the past, though a part of you, do not define you. We control the “now”. What we can do at present is more significant than what we did in the past.

We apply what we learned. We change our mindset, behavior, and actions to align ourselves with our respective “nows” in life. We break from the past by focusing on the “now”.

My “now’ is I am turning 33 years old, soon. I can sow the seeds (of whatever I learned and of the blessings received in the past 33 years of my life) now by never giving up on focusing on being grateful to God.

Think about it. What’s your “now”? How can you apply your learnings to become a more significant you?

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