Passion can simply be defined as doing something that you desire and aspire. To dig deeper, passion is an intensified emotion that may tickle every senses to keep the desire burning. It may come out with wanting what’s not yours to be yours, and still wanting more what is already yours. It is clinging into something to make amends of what’s lacking, to make improvements, to discover or rediscover. Passion is not simply wanting or liking something, it awakens every corner of your minds and your interests. It is putting your heart and soul into something that you are passionate about. And when you say passion, you live your interests up not give them up.

If you’re going to ask what is the importance of passion in business success, it can be answered by one word, EVERYTHING. You cannot last long in the industry with just your skills, money, and connections. You may have all the resources, but if you don’t have enough will to stand through it, you’re going to fail. It must also come from within. It must come from the heart. It is tough to walk through the path of success. There are a lot of hindrances to encounter, failures will also arise and you must enforce a lot of hard work and perseverance to continue keeping it work.

How will you keep your cool when a lot of problems in your business arrives and you cannot do anything about it? If you are passionate with what you’re doing, you will always find ways to get through it. You have all the strength to face all the setbacks and pitfalls. You will always have the courage to continue, because if you don’t, who would? Passion is a non-stop wanting. It is like always revitalizing your ideas once failed and regenerate it. It is like you are deep-rooted to it that you are left with no choice but to water it until it blooms. That’s how passionate people work.

According to Steve Jobs, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

Once you are passionate with your work, you will be enthusiastic with the things that you wanted and will think every possible way to produce an excellent output. You will never run out of ideas to improve and upgrade. You can excel with all your work, because you love it.

And that’s the secret of success. Passion.

Putting up a business is hard, but sustaining is much harder. You have to prepare contingency plan, both long-term and short-term. You should monitor everything. It is not as easy as it is, but by sticking with your beliefs all hardships will soon pay off because you have a goal to look up to. It is hard to achieve anything without a goal.

That goal is set through your passion. Once you put up a business venture, adhering with your mission statement and always looking-up on your company vision will take you to the right track. An author once said, “Successful entrepreneurs are abundantly passionate, not necessarily with their product but rather with their missions.”

Because success is not always measured with net worth, it can also be measured if you either achieve your goals or you were able to implement your mission accordingly. Success is satisfying not only if you generate income, but more so if you succeed in doing the things that you love.

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