It all started when I became the president of a badminton club, I was a Grade 5 or Grade 6 student that time, if I’m not mistaken. Little did I know that my interest in badminton was an open door to my journey as a student leader. High school entered and there were so many opportunities that faced me. I became a part of our Student Council, year level committees, organizations and even home room officers. It was an exciting ride for me as a student because as one of the leaders, I had so many privileges. I enjoyed every single of it. College came and I was still so active in extracurricular activities. It’s like being a student leader has been a part who I am. But through those years of being a student leader, it was only when I met Someone that changed my perspective and broke my mindset in leadership.

Now, I’m going to share to you two of the most important lessons this person taught me.


Looking back from where I am now, I can say that the reason I was so attracted to leadership was because of position and power. Hello? Who doesn’t want to be famous and to have privileges? I mean, if you’re part of a powerful group, aren’t you going to be known among the students? That sounds cool. You can walk in the hallway with so much confidence and people look up to you. Wow, isn’t it? But one day, this person I’m talking about showed me what it really means to be a leader.

Jesus Christ himself is the greatest leader I have ever known.

Mark 10:45 “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve,…”

Yes, you read it right, Jesus Christ. You see, Jesus had all the privileges and he definitely have the position in heaven. Why would he even want to go here on earth? For me, the reason why he chose to go down and serve is because he saw that position and possession are nothing much of a great value. He saw the value of people more than these things. And that’s what differs me from Jesus, he values people, I do not. But thanks to him because when I fully understood that to be great is to be a servant, my journey became more exciting. After discovering that, the last election I joined in I knew I had my heart checked. The reason why I ran for that position is because I wanted to serve my fellow students. Before you go and run for student council or organization, or do things in your society, check your heart. What is your motive? Why do you want to be in that position? Because if you’re just after the position or fame, you’re in a dangerous path. You’ll get tired and you won’t have any joy to function. Which leads me to the second most important leadership lesson.


You see, when you’re a student leader you’re not just doing extra-curricular events and activities, you also have other responsibilities. As a student, you have to take care of your grades. As a child, you need to have a time with your family. As a human, you also need to enjoy. Being a student leader, you have to know that you are not going to be consistently on fire. You’ll get tired. You’ll deal with people who have different personalities. You’ll face conflicts and problems. But if you had your heart checked in the first place and you know that you have a mission, you’ll finish strong. You’ll leave a legacy. You’ll make an impact.

While Jesus was doing his ministry here on earth, there were people who questioned what he was doing. Did he stopped? No. In fact, those issues he faced even compelled him to continue doing what he was called to do. Why? Because he had a mission. He knows his mission. Jesus is a person, he also gets tired and has emotions but because of his mission he never stopped serving.

My friend, what keeps you going is not the position but the mission. When you know your mission, things will be a lot easier. One of the greatest mission that I know Jesus has is that he wanted to change the world. He did. He left a legacy that until now, he is known. And that mission is still valid up to now. If you want to change the world, imitate Jesus.

Now, wherever you are in your student leadership journey, my hope and my prayer is that you will always see Jesus as your ultimate example. When you’re tired and about to give up, come to God and find rest in Him. When you’re in times of deciding things and you’re having a hard time, inquire to God and find wisdom in Him. Whatever situation you face as a leader, remember that Jesus already showed us how to respond to those. You are called to change the world by serving with a God-given mission.

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