Are you guilty of careless spending and impulsive buying? Has it ever gotten to a point that by the time that you actually need to spend for important matters, you’re already out of money? Well, you are not alone and you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a guide to help you:

Track down your expenses.
You have to at least know where your money is going. Some people even keep an expense journal to be well-aware of their own spending. This manner, they could identify which expenses are necessary so they could control the flow of their money. The ultimate goal here is to realize that you are making wise financial decisions.

Cut down unnecessary expenses:
Transportation. You can save a bit more money when using public transportation compared over your gas and parking expense. Another alternative would be those request-for-a-ride transportation applications, like Uber and Grab. Some may think that using those apps are very costly, but their carpooling/ride-sharing segment is really a good deal especially for those who want to save themselves from the hassle of commuting.Food and beverages. This plays a huge part in your daily expenses, so what you can do is to get away from those tricky temptations. There are a few good examples that you may be guilty of. For those coffee lovers out there, instead of buying drinks from coffee shops like Starbucks, you could always choose to bring 3-in-1 coffee. To even have bigger savings, go bring your own packed meal.
Clothing. Staying away from shopping may be every girl’s worst nightmare. This doesn’t necessarily mean for you to stop buying, but you should find shops that offer stylish yet affordable clothes without sacrifice the quality. If you’re really determined to save more cash, you could start considering pre-owned ones or those in bazaars rather than the branded ones.
Entertainment/Leisure. This one’s a bit different than those listed above, since this is more of a person’s wants than actual needs. If you are one of those people who really enjoy their social life, then you’ll find this more challenging to control. A specific way would be putting an end to your current subscriptions, like your Spotify Premium and Netflix accounts. Another would be staying away from watching in the cinemas. Instead, just wait for them to air on television. You could also reduce your consumable habits, such as smoking, alcohol, etc.

Take care of your finances
The best solution for overspending is to allot a reasonable budget. You also have to know how to strategize in saving every peso that you can. Being streetwise can be handy in times like this, such as taking advantage of the discount promos and special coupons. There are other known strategies that people actually use to make even bigger savings. One of the most common is to keep a certain amount of money each time. Let’s say you have to keep a Php 100 per week. This way, it will result to a huge amount by the end of year without you even realizing it.
Never underestimate those seemingly small amount of cash, whether be it an expense or part of your savings. The next thing you’ll know, their collated value will be bigger than what you have expected. Remember that every peso counts! The most important key here is to set your mind into it and stay disciplined towards your financial goals.

Image Sources: Business Insider, Life Hacks, Arabian Business

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