Our dreams are called “dreams” for a reason. They don’t come easily. Dreams require hard work. A lot of it. Remember that nobody made it there through sheer talent, luck or privilege. Can you name someone successful who’s never had his fair share of failure and pain?

Chasing your dreams will mean anything but easy. So, as you chase your dreams, this should be you: young, foolish, and courageous, even scarred.

As you chase your dreams, you should be young.
You should be young enough to believe the sky’s still the limit. You might have failed to bring some of your childhood dreams to life, but that doesn’t mean you should stop believing, dreaming. Be young enough to still see the beauty of your dreams, and passionate enough to pursue them persistently.

As you chase your dreams, you should be foolish.
You should be foolish enough to try, take risks and make mistakes. You are to tackle a long, bumpy road; you are bound for wrong turns, a few roundabouts, even dead ends at that. You should allow yourself that foolishness, because you should allow yourself to grow.

As you chase your dreams, you should be courageous.
You should be courageous enough to tread rough roads. Brave the roads full with bumps and tons of hurdles. Never be the dreamer who opts for the easy way out, afraid to put in the effort, and to test his limits. Be courageous enough to choose the roads less traveled but most fulfilling, most rewarding.

As you chase your dreams, you should be scarred.
You should be ‘scarred’ because you will tumble and fall to the ground. HARD. SEVERAL TIMES. You will earn small cuts and deep wounds. But after every downfall, this you should always do: pick yourself up. As you chase your dreams, you should be scarred but never be scared. Getting hurt is not an option but a given.

Behind every success story is a battle—a long history of struggle. Be the dreamer who chases success. Never be someone who easily quits. Never be the coward who fears defeat, mistakes, even opportunities. You’re ought to fall, cry and get hurt. Chasing your dreams sure sounds scary, so be the dreamer who faces everything life throws at him. Head on.

Ready to chase your dreams?

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