Find yourself unproductive most of the time? Find yourself unmotivated to go to work the moment you wake up? Find yourself feeling unaccomplished at the end of the day? Well, here are some tips and tricks for you to feel the other way around!


1. Manage time properly.

When doing a lot of tasks at work, this is where time management comes in handy. You should be able to set an allocation on how much time you’re going to work on a certain task. In that manner, you will have an overview of the things you’ll need to prioritize on doing. You could also impose a personal deadline to keep yourself focused and productive.


2. Take a break once in awhile.

Some might think that it would be a waste of time to take breaks, but it is actually healthy for your mind. This helps you start afresh, especially when you already have so many information stuffed in your head. By not taking breaks, especially during long tasks, it might affect your performance and the quality of your output – which we all wouldn’t want to happen.


3. Find effective work habits.

Each person has different working habits which might be effective to other people. What you can best do is to identify which ones are helpful to you. A good example would be the battle between multitasking or just focus on one task. By multitasking, you are able to save some time but the efficiency might suffer. While when focusing on one, rest assured of a good output but it might slow you down.


4. Minimize the temptations.

If you know yourself well enough that you can get distracted easily, turn your heads the other way. Do not get yourself into those temptations. For example, if you know that you need to catch a deadline, set your mind not to take so many breaks. You may also turn off your notifications and keep social media away from your sight so that you could really focus enough to finish your task.


5. Set good motivators.

A work motivator will provide you a reason to do a certain thing. A great example would be giving yourself a reward every time you were able to achieve something. This works most effectively when you have a list of tasks to do, so that it will drive you more into finishing the task. A simple food treat or movie tickets will do. These will make you feel a certain kind of achievement that will help you stay motivated towards work.

There are limited hours in the day and you should be able to make every minute count. Analyze why you become The important thing is satisfying yourself with the feeling of accomplishment after having done your best with every task.

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