When you were still around, you made me feel worthless. I doubted my capabilities and second-guessed my efforts. I had restless nights; pondering when will I ever be enough or am I even enough. But I know now my worth – for I taught myself how to feel confident with who I exactly am; to remain strong despite of who I was.

When you were still around, I was blinded. You made me feel that I never had the right to be right, you made me feel that I was always the toxic one who constantly needs to be apologetic in every disagreement just to patch things up even if I didn’t do anything wrong.

When you were still around, you made me feel like a prisoner. I never felt the chance to have power over the things that I want to do. I breathed anxiety and misery in silence, regretting over the opportunities that I didn’t take. But I know now who I am – I am the girl who gained freedom and will thrive towards succeeding her goals.

I held on for too long and loved you more than I loved myself.

So for all the endless arguments, toxic times, petty fights and sleepless nights filled with doubts and issues – thank you.

Thank you for all the lessons learned.

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