Every individual wants to be successful. They want to be recognized and acknowledged. They want to be the best among others for satisfaction. Also, they are performing competitively to create their own identity to go along with the tight competition at the workplace. However, sometimes working independently creates a wall within the organization that hinders attaining what the organization desires to achieve.

It’s not bad to aim for yourself, it is personal satisfaction that makes you feel the best. It just sometimes stops oneself to grow because you lack the ability to reach out to others.

According to Mattie Stepanek “Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

Get Along

Teamwork is working individually having one goal to achieve. Clearly defining that unison is needed to produce quality performance. Teamwork is like a puzzle, you cannot see the whole picture if there is a missing piece. You’ll only be able to see the real beauty of a picture if every piece is placed accordingly. Each member should render their own expertise collaborating with the other members. Each member suggests ideas that will be discussed by the team to decide which would fulfil the company’s objective. Brainstorming is one way to gather the appropriate steps or plans to formulate a great output.


Doing work as a team, it is also important to align individual goals with the organizational goals that manifests success. One must have their share of task to undertake which is relevant with their capability not only to enhance their skills but also their competence. Organizational goal is the standard point to which the team will reflect. It will benefit both the organization and the team because achieving a goal will not only entitled to once person but rather to the whole team who’d do so much effort to accomplish a quality job. It is affiliated with coordinated effort in which member’s expertise is interconnected with one another to foster a significant work.

Significantly, doing work as a team creates more opportunity. More people involved in doing a project helps each other bring out what is most ideal. There are more rooms to grow, understand what are beyond your walls and more chances to unravel what seems to be best but still have more to explore. A great team cater works effectively and efficiently. However, it is not easy to build a team that trusts and understands each other. Below are some ways to form an effective and efficient team:

  • Know your member

Knowing your member personally is essential, it is like making a family within your team. It is always refreshing doing all the work with ease when you know that someone supports and guide you to get it done. Once you establish a well -founded team it is not hard to manage every work that was assigned because it will always have lighter atmosphere that encourages each and everyone at work with their utmost effort. Knowing your team means you’ll understand them, what they needed, and what would help them enhance their capabilities.

  • Get along with the member

To be able to build an efficient and effective team you must get their trusts, it integrates certainty within each member of the team. It is not enough to only know your member, it is also significant to maintain the bonding that makes them comfortable. Comfort prompts reliance with one another that enables the teamwork without questioning the ability of one another.

  • Know their strengths and weaknesses

Being the best team requires more effort. Moreover, each member should disperse their expertise into portions where they can improve and show off their talents that will strengthen more the work to be done. It’s vital to distinguish where they will excel and will not. After then, you’ll be able to disseminate the task effectively.

  • Understand them

Basically, understanding means perceiving the meaning of words, language or the speaker himself. In the workplace, it is necessary to give compassion to others, it will not always be you who’ll get sympathy from others. One should learn to reach out to others, and as a team it is essential. Each member should understand one another to build a balanced team. It could prevent quarrel that will create barriers within.

  • Say what you feel

Other people has this attitude that they just keep what they feel inside for a long time, until such time that it gets triggered and results to worse situations. In a team it should be avoided, one should voice out what they wanted to say, either an opinion or what they feel. They should speak up their mind to clear the issues that may arise if they keep on hiding what bothers them. Ideas and opinions should be heard to give an appropriate response that can be solved by brainstorming or deliberation. Queries should also be given attention to answer the issues.

  • Be fair In a team, mostly there is a leader in-charge. Leader is someone who leads the team towards success with them all together, not keeping someone behind or not leading to keep ahead. According to J. Sakiya Sandifer “ True leaders don’t create more followers, they create more leaders.” For this to be done, the leader should lead the right way. He should be working hard to enhance each members’ skills and excel with it. Not using biased judgement, the leader should be fair in all times to avoid conflict because other members might feel left behind. Fair treatment should always be applied to keep the workplace balanced.
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