We engage, with the current demand the world command
Attune with the flow of waves it will provide
Abide what’s in, and improve what’s out
But never left behind
And transcend on what they expects from us
Accompany with wisdom and knowledge
That in time we learn to flourished

We build feverishly as to what is needed
Keeping the perseverance we used to muster
Came along with all the learning that lingers
Acquiring it all we work as cluster
Building with substance is what we cater
Seeking for updated and modernization
And giving you satisfaction is what we would never waver

We serve encompassing all the barriers we perceived
Living with our mission standing still
Nurture our vision we dream to achieve
Comprising all the idea that we conceive
Diving with all the plans that we devise
Reach all the expectation that you deserve
Because we believe, to live we have to engage
To give we have to build
And to reach we have to serve

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