Happy relationship has a lot of faces. It covers smile and tears, passion and failure, security and fear, desire and indifference, and one of the most important recipe of a relationship is love accompanied by pain. Relationship allows you to feel a lot of unexplainable feelings, you can name but you can never decipher. It makes you feel less or otherwise it fills you up. A lot of contradicting feelings but in the end these feelings unite two people. Relationship always unites and a happy relationship has the following faces,

Face 1: Understanding

Happy relationship always understands. And it’s not hard. Believe me when I say it’s not. Understanding someone means putting yourself on their shoe, understanding them means you are able to comprehend every little thing before you make a move, before you spill a word, and before you create indifferences towards one another. Others find it hard to understand someone because they conclude first before allowing their self to ponder over the situation, but if they open their heart and think of their self being on that position, understanding wouldn’t be hard.

Face 2: Usual

 Would you believe that a happy relationship is not always posted online? It looks a bit usual and boring but these types of relationships built the strongest security the other half should feel. They enjoy the simplicity and sacredness of being together, they choose to go through depths of each other’s heart and ponder what they discover within oneself. Many relationship break because they lack on this, they fail to fill the scarcity of knowing their partners beyond.

Face 3: Connections

Building a relationship with somebody also starts to create an invisible connection with that certain person. You tend to feel what they feel, and notice every simple thing that they do. You can certainly name what they are feeling even without saying a word. Happy relationship has this connection, a clear connection that you are one with your partner.

Face 4: Proud

In whatever relationship you are in right now, show it off. There are lot of ways to shout to the world how proud you are. Don’t make them feel less of a person by keeping them in the dark, by keeping them when somebody’s watching. You are in a relationship because you wanted to be. There’s no point in keeping the relationship because you wanted it in the first place.

Face 5: Contentment

Contentment is the state of being happy and delightful. The state wherein happiness in your relationships comes out naturally, it can be seen by the naked eye. You no longer need to look for any alternative because you are so engrossed that you don’t consider other things. It satisfies you to brim that whatever problem may arise, you’ll stand still and will always stay.

Face 6: Fonder

Any relationship is supposed to have an undeniable passion and love. It always brings out your extremes, not for anything else but because you love what you are doing. You willingly give-in because it fills what is lacking, the burning passion you have within leads you do the best that you can.

Face 7: Committed

This teaches you the art of staying and sticking. Being committed is a decision you make that cannot break easily. This is the feeling you need to partake in every relationship you have. It is like the conscience of your heart whispering your soul whenever you feel lost on the road you take. You always cling on to your decision, you keep on choosing it until the end. Happy relationship is full of commitment, it brings you to depths, it hurts you, brings you tears, it exhausts you, but you still faithfully cling on to the decision you made wholeheartedly.

Face 8: United

Relationship is composed of one or more people. You build relationship with the people you want to be with in the long journey. Relationship is not only a cognitive decision you make where you decide who you wanted to be with, but it is also demanding your emotional reasoning that upholds your capacity on sticking with the people you choose to be with. Happy relationship that is united understands differences, savors the similarities and conquer the changes that may arise together.

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