Yo!! Imagine walking around with six-inch stiletto heels? How would you feel to wear shoes of the opposite sex? You bet it is never easy to be in someone else’s shoes.  Yet, it is the fastest way to understand someone.

The struggle with understanding someone may stem from our tendency to prioritize our interest. Most of the time, we blurt out what we want to express without considering the recipient of our message. We want our point of view to be taken. As a result, “message sending failed”.

It is also the best way to get your message across. To successfully convey your message, try knowing your receiver’s “shoe size”. This implies a little familiarity of his background, point of view, and how he thinks. Not only does this allow you to understand your recipient better, but it also gives you an idea on what ticks or interests him and how he sees things. Be in his shoes for a minute or two. Align your message delivery according to his shoe size. Then, you can get your message across.

Remember, shoe sizes differ depending on the type or brand. Perspective, mindset, and emotions of people also vary depending on the moment that he is in. Thus, constructing your message according to his shoe size in that particular moment would be necessary.

Think about it. For couples, how long have you known your partner’s shoe size? How does it feel to be in someone else’s shoes?

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