The younger generation today, called Millenials, live in an increasing online and social-networked society. This made social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter becomes a requisite and not just an entertainment option for the millenials. The freedom given to users on these sites should not be overlooked. Some are posting too much about themselves that they forget about the dangers that could happen while using the websites. Listed below are the top 5 things that should not be posted on social media.


  1. Personal Information

Creating profiles would require you to disclose some of your personal information. But, you have to choose wisely what you should share. Phone numbers should be kept private and if possible, home address and birthdate as well. Disclosing these personal details about yourself might lead you to dangerous situations.

  1. Location

Most users prefer tagging their location on their posts especially if the location is a tourist spot or a famous place. There is nothing wrong with geo-tagging your posts but advisably, post these locations only after you are home safely. Some people could track your location and might plan something bad for you. It is better to secure yourself first before sharing where you are or where you have been.

  1. Confidential information

One thing to be very careful in posting is to check whether the information to be posted is confidential. Some details especially about family should not be posted unless agreed upon by the family members. Information about your work, most especially your salary, should not be posted online. Though these information are yours, you cannot tell your friends these details.

  1. Plans

Exciting activities should be bragged to the world so most people post their travels and adventures online. However, when these activities are not materialized yet, do not post your plans on social networks. Your future plans might end up into just dreams because when you post them, you give other people the chance to ruin it. Turn that dream vacation to reality by keeping it first to yourself.

  1. Negative Emotions

Oftentimes, people let their feelings consume them that they post their anger, resentment and disgust online. These posts are not prohibited in social networking sites but posting problems or dark sentiments will reflect negatively on you. What you post is a mirror of yourself. Instead of letting the world know you are in a bad mood, why not try to make your followers smile by posting something that could inspire them or brighten their day.

The most important reminder is not to post often. Someone who posts almost every minute of everyday is annoying. You might end up losing your followers instead of gaining them. Frequency of posting should be 1 post per day per website.

The liberty to share anything on social media is a right for every user. But there are limitations that should be self-imposed. There are details about you that should be kept only to yourself. Sometimes what makes a profile interesting is having a little mystery in it.

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